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hopetrials matches both healthy individuals and individuals with medical conditions to appropriate clinical trials, quickly and securely, and at no cost. Potential participants are immediately provided a list of clinical trials for which they may qualify, and that meet the criteria they specify. A simplified registration process helps people quickly and easily enroll in a medial research study.

Life Science partners can simplify and expedite the enrollment process for individuals interested in the clinical trials they sponsor by allowing hopetrials to streamline the most time- and resource- intensive part of the enrollment process. Our Life Science Partners give back to the community by making it faster and easier for individuals in need to gain access to the cutting edge treatments their trials provide.

Qualified physician and hospital groups can apply to be included in the hopetrials medical screening provider network, which will enable them to provide reimbursed assessment services to new patients in their area, while giving back to the community by facilitating access to cutting edge treatments for individuals in need.


The hopetrials Story

We’re coming to you as the founders of hopetrials.com. We created this community and organization to solve a problem in healthcare around the globe that is leading to millions of preventable deaths each year.

Worldwide, millions of individuals have physical and mental conditions that are not responsive to conventional treatments. These individuals are in desperate need of newer and more cutting-edge treatments, but are rarely able to find them.

hopetrials solves this problem by simplifying the process of finding a clinical trial and directly connecting individuals in need with cutting-edge treatments that may improve or even save their lives.

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