Life Science Partners

Become a hopetrials Life Science Community Partner to make your clinical trials more accessible to individuals in need of the cutting-edge treatments that you provide.

hopetrials provides interested and qualified candidates for your clinical trials at a more rapid rate, and at lower cost, than conventional recruitment methods.

How it Works
Individuals interested in clinical trials register and are instantly provided with a list of clinical trials that meet the criteria they specify (e.g., disease state, distance from home).  Like the sponsored links in an internet search, the trials of our Life Science Partners are listed at the top of the results page and indicate that expedited enrollment screening is available for those trials.  Screening protocols provided by our partners allow us to screen interested candidates for you, ensuring that we provide you with only interested and qualified candidates, reducing the time and expense associated with the recruitment process.  We offer subscription, per-trial and pay for success options, with pricing below industry average.

hopetrials leads the industry in providing qualified and motivated clinical trial volunteers.

Through our support communities, information and patient-first prospective, hopetrials has become the most trusted source for clinical trials information and enrollment.  We provide a GDPR and HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform solution for connecting people interested in healthcare clinical trials with the trials best suited to their needs, across 47 states in the US and 118 countries. Our participant-driven approach ensures that we refer only candidates who have received information about, and expressed an interest in, your specific trial.  This approach also enables us to offer the only ethical pay for success model in the industry.

Recruiting with hopetrials is unique and provides valuable insight into the patient experience, and how that experience can be improved for better participation adherence and higher completion rates. We leverage key data and target market insights to help you enroll only participants who are most likely to adhere to your trial protocol and complete your trial.

hopetrials is currently accepting proposals for early partnership agreements with pharmaceutical and device companies, as well as CROs and SROs.

Register or E-Mail us below if you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a hopetrials Life Science Partner.

Benefits to Life Science Partners

  • Provision of interested and pre-screened clinical trial candidates
  • Expedited enrollment completion
  • Cost savings relative to conventional recruitment methods and other recruitment services
  • Priority listing for trials that meet participant search criteria
  • Partnership with most trusted source for clinical trials information and enrollment
  • Participant retention and completion data
  • hopetrials’ Life Science Partners are recognized as organizations that prioritize patient health