The hopetrials story…

We’re coming to you as the founders of We created this community and organization to solve a problem in healthcare around the globe that is leading to millions of preventable deaths each year.

Worldwide, millions of individuals have physical and mental conditions that are not responsive to conventional treatments. These individuals are in desperate need of newer and more cutting-edge treatments, but are rarely able to find them in time.

At the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of clinical trials offering newer, potentially life-saving, treatments for free. Here’s the kicker- they can’t find the people who need the treatments!

This is like having a million people dying of starvation and, at the same time, a fleet of boats, helicopters and trucks filled with food ready to save those people… but they can’t find each other!

Each year, 12.7 million people discover they have cancer and 7.6 million people die from the disease. Unfortunately, my mother was one of them. The more saddening part is that an estimated 30-40% of those deaths could have been prevented; maybe my mother’s or maybe that of one of your loved ones. Maybe you’re in need right now and wondering how you can maximize the chance of beating your disease…

O., Co- Founder

Enter hopetrials. provides a free service so individuals seeking clinical trials can quickly register and be instantly matched with trials that meet their needs.

Maybe you have a physical or mental condition and conventional treatments haven’t been successful or maybe you’re relatively healthy and just looking to make some extra money (most trials pay $$$ for participation). Maybe you’re willing to go anywhere for a potentially life-saving treatment, or maybe you’re only willing to travel a few miles… hopetrials instantly connects you to only the trials that meet your specifications. Our goal is to make finding a clinical trial that’s right for you quick and easy.

Another of our founders would like to share a story with you:

My wife has a degenerative disease, rendering her legally blind. Conventional treatments had not been effective in even slowing her sight loss, so we regularly sought out clinical trials that might offer new hope for her. Unfortunately, finding a relevant trial through public listings was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Nonetheless, we were persistent in our search and finally found a trial that provided a highly-promising new treatment for her disease. We were ecstatic! After a number of phone calls, we finally got in touch with the individual in charge of enrollment into the trial and stated how excited we were to have found hope again. Unfortunately, we were told, it was too late; enrollment had closed just two weeks prior. That trial was recently completed, showing that the new treatment was effective for 80% of the individuals enrolled. This experience was saddening and frustrating, and that’s when I decided to join the hopetrials movement, so that I could bring new and better treatments to my wife and the millions like her.

M., Co- Founder

Who are the founders of There are three of us: A physician, a clinical trials scientist and a healthcare tech guru. Above all, however, we are normal people with friends and loved ones in need, who we want to help find hope. Please join us.