Hope Trials is growing an international network of physicians who are willing to screen patients for clinical trials. Screening guidelines and patients will be provided. There are NO upfront costs. Registering within our network simply means that when a patient near your office would like to participate in a trial, they will be referred to your office for screening. A standard payment will be made per each screening from Hope Trials to you.

Patients will be able to rate their experience with provider offices and discuss the experience within our online community. This is paramount for transparency during the clinical trial pursuit. Hope Trials will always be patient first advocates and we entrust our provider teams to be the same. Once a physicians has seen an agreed upon number of patients who have been successfully screened and have the best interactions possible they will receive most or all referrals within their zip code. This means a office may potential see enough guaranteed revenue outside of insurers to maintain a practice.

Currently there is a need for nearly 20 million clinical trial participants. To fill those spots, the best estimates we would need to screen nearly 150 million people. We are looking for partners to help us fill this role. A simple business agreement association (BAA) will be sent after registration.

Please register or contact us with questions.